Drone Exposure is always interested in getting involved with Environmental/Conservation work. We offer reduced rates for charity work, generally speaking the more interesting the location the better our rates will be!  

I have recently returned from a five week expedition to Southern Patagonia (which was funded by Blue Marine Foundation). The reason for the expedition was to investigate the cause of the 400+ dead Sei whales found on the beaches last year. My role on the expedition was to obtain aerial footage of the dead whales and document the trip.  I recorded many hours of footage including the dead whales (my primary objective), incredible scenery, scientists performing palaeontological studies on the whales, local wildlife and the Saoirse (our boat).  We soon realised that the drone could also be used as a surveillance tool to reach areas too dangerous or difficult for the dinghy. The drone could sweep large areas and the footage can then be reviewed to establish if there are any signs of whales. Also the photos taken above the carcasses can demonstrate the spread of bones that can aid in discovering the age of the dead whale.

Below are some of the photos taken whilst out there (please click on the image to scroll to the next).