Due to the unique variables for each project we prefer to quote on a job by job basis. Our standard day rate is £700 this includes 2 x professional operators and both aerial and land based photography equipment.  We have a range of  drones - some of which can be controlled by one person (priced from £400) while some need two. The drone chosen depends on the complexity of the job and the quality of the footage required. We try and offer a tailored service to suit all budgets - please get in touch for a price estimate. 

What we offer

Drone Exposure uses more than just drones to create our stunning videos. We offer clients end to end video production services including; aerial filming, ground filming, stabilised filming, audio recording, editing and mastering. Drone Exposure also works with some highly experienced producers and additional camera operators who can be called on if required. 

Included with Drone Exposure services:

  • Fully qualified pilot(s)

  • Pre-deployment planning (checking airspace and notifying all those necessary to complete the flight safely)

  • Insurance - we have public liability insurance up to £5 million

  • Onsite risk assessments

  • All film and photography work

  • All equipment costs

Additional costs:

Mileage - charged at £0.20/mile (both ways from Bristol)

Editing - we offer in-house editing and colour correcting for £200/day.


Terms and Conditions:

Payment Terms:

  • After we have had a full briefing of the requirements and you are happy with our quote we require a 25% deposit up front to secure the dates. The remainder of the balance will be required one week after delivery of the final product.


  • Drone Exposure retains full copyright to recorded footage, unless an arrangement to the contrary is agreed upon. Drone Exposure reserves the right to use any footage in promotional materials such as showreels.

Cancellations and postponements:

  • Unfortunately, bad weather and drones aren't compatible, and it is always possible that a shoot may be prevented by rain. In such a scenario, the shoot may be rescheduled to another date at no extra charge. If this is inappropriate, for example during a one off event, the shoot may be cancelled and the deposit refunded.

  • Drone Exposure reserves the right to keep the full agreed deposit amount following a cancellation due to a client decision.